Attracting Investors with Facebook & Instagram Ads: A Step-by-Step Guide Specifically for Real Estate Investment Syndicators.

Facebook & Instagram Ads allows you to hyper-target accredited investors.

Christopher Arias


Chris is a proud co-founder of The Digital Collective. He brings extensive marketing experience in the multifamily syndication space. He is passionate about real estate investing, from mindset to assets, and is dedicated to continuous education. He enjoys the outdoors, traveling, and building relationships.

Every syndicator runs into the same issue given enough time in the game.

Their inner circle becomes tapped out on funds and the syndicator finds themselves needing to reach out beyond their immediate friends and family. While this period in your career might be stressful, there is a way to reach out to qualified investors who truly want to see your offering.

Facebook & Instagram Ads. Now, if you frequent either one of these platforms, you see ads all day long. If you’re of the mind that Facebook & Instagram ads are only for selling knick-knacks, I strongly urge you to reconsider. Here’s why—

Facebook & Instagram Ads allows you to hyper-target accredited investors.

There’s literally an interest titled “Accredited Investor” that you can select in the targeting process. And that’s just one in a whole collection of other worthy targeting options. Crazy, right? Look here—

See? What if we ran your Facebook & Instagram ads to only that demographic? Do you think we might see results? And this is only the beginning.

The real juice comes from launching remarketing campaigns on Facebook & Instagram.

Why? Because only the most interested investors will click on these ads. And by simply visiting your site, or even interacting with your ad, these investors become eligible for this remarketing process I’m about to explain to you.

We’ve all experienced something like this—you looked up a sweater for your dog ONCE and now you see the ads following you around everywhere. Sound familiar?

Well, this same technique can be applied to your investment offerings. This is called remarketing and it will make sure that your investment offerings stay top of mind and continuously in front of qualified investors on Facebook & Instagram.

Want this ability for yourself? Where do we begin? Let’s start here—

  1. Create Your Facebook Page
  2. Create Your Facebook Ad Manager Account
  3. Create Your Facebook Ad Account
  4. Install the Facebook Pixel on Your Website

Once you have your ducks in a row, you’ll need to direct this traffic to a website—but not just any website.

This website needs to act as a laser-focused business tool. It needs to perform like a greased slide that gets investors to want to learn more about your deal, qualify themselves, and indicate interest in a specific offering.

It should automatically push qualifying information into your CRM (Like Mailchimp or ActiveCampaign), send automatic texts to you and your team, while simultaneously sending a welcome text and email to your investors with the next steps to take.

What should this website look like?

Well, we made a list of what we personally think are the best looking real estate investment syndication websites out there. Take a look here.

Be sure you’ve installed the Facebook Pixel on your website properly. This part is crucial as it will allow you to start building an audience that you can remarket to.

Now you’ve got your Facebook Ad platform setup and you’ve got your hyper-effective website with the Facebook pixel installed. What now?

It’s time to run your ads.

The creativity that can be utilized in a Facebook & Instagram ad is endless so let’s save that for another blog. For now, bare minimum—a picture of your multifamily, storage unit, commercial building, or whatever investment you’re raising capital for. In the ad copy, be sure to include the Target IRR, Target Equity Multiple, and Target Preferred Return—any information that you feel would compel an investor to work with you.

Now, the big moment: LAUNCH THE ADS!

And now we wait and see who comes out of the woodwork. Remember, every person who interacts with our ad or website will become eligible to be remarketed to.  Anyone who visits the investor questionnaire and qualifies themself will automatically be entered into your CRM’s contact list.

You’ll instantly be notified via text with all the information they’ve included, including their phone number. Hint hint—at this point, call them immediately while their interest is piqued. They’ll automatically be welcomed with a text and email guiding them to your investment offerings.

What a powerful process!

Want to know something super interesting about all of this? With the right team, this can all be set up in a month or less. Imagine your syndication becoming modernized, strengthened, and ready for action by next month or sooner!

With an elevated presence and process like this, you’ll be poised to take over the real estate investment syndication game.

Onward and upward.

Interested in setting up a system like this for your real estate investment syndication? Drop your email below. Let’s get in touch and talk about what a process like this could do for you and your team.

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