The Digital Collective is a small team of marketers, designers, and business people who are passionate about serving the real estate investing community.

With his background in building sophisticated digital products as well as raising capital for a real estate syndication firm, entrepreneur Chris Arias and his team create cutting-edge digital marketing systems designed for syndication firms to attract more high net-worth investors to their projects & funds.

Luckily for you, the real estate syndication industry is a "slow adopter".

This means that companies in other industries have already adopted the latest tech tools and marketing techniques to know what helps them scale and what is a waste of time.

It also means that the tools and techniques that DO work have yet to be adopted In the real estate syndication industry, even by top firms!

The secret to building trust online is in the perfect blend of business and art—great design, leading advertising practices, and strategic marketing campaigns.

Doing this well is our competitive advantage.

There are three components to this system—lead generation, conversion, and investor nurture.

Lead Generation

We create a profile of your ideal investor and hyper-target across advertising platforms like Facebook, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn and their audience networks. We’ll handle everything from the creative to the strategy and execution.

Convert Leads

We create a stunning, eye-catching website and portfolio that builds massive trust and turns your leads into committed investors. Our site also has all of the necessary back-end tech to re-market investors who have already visited your site.

Investor Nurture

We give your investors direct access to an easy-to-use platform to monitor their investments. You'll also have an easy way of organizing and contacting all of your investors.

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Christopher Arias


Chris is a proud co-founder of The Digital Collective. He brings extensive marketing experience in the multifamily syndication space. He is passionate about real estate investing, from mindset to assets, and is dedicated to continuous education. He enjoys the outdoors, traveling, and building relationships.

Marketing Engines Specifically for Real Estate Syndication Firms

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